The POETRY AND REALITY 1914-1918 This is an ANTI WAR exhibit titled “The War to end all Wars- Poetry and Reality 1914-1918 The exhibit consists of photo montage printed on metal and mixed media paintings on canvas. The images are a compilation of WW 1 images from the worlds databanks, mixed with period art and word war one poetry.

ANTI WAR ART art in the tradition of John Heartfield and Otto Dix.
Large collage on wood with Original objects from WW1 in iron frame
War has existed as long as man, and will unfortunately exist as long as we do.
Because it's created by men. But if we refuse to go to war and take off our uniforms there will be No More War.This Album of images is a war declaration against all wars.
As an artist I feel one has a responsibility to be involved and to fight for human rights and freedom in all its many forms. It’s naïve to believe an artwork can stop a war, but it can spread rings on the water, and work as an antidote against the commercial machinery that feeds military conflicts. The First World War was called “The war to end all wars“. I did not.
The cost was over 40 million lives. The second world war cost 78 million lives.
The third world war will probably be the last, but who will be left to celebrate the end of it ?
Thomas Dellert