Thomas Dellert-Dellacroix

Thomas is a contemporary multimedia artist and has for the last forty years been working with various forms of art. He is a photographer, painter, designer, actor, director, singer, composer, writer and film maker. This site presents his life in the fine arts.

Artist and Documentarist Thomas Dellert has the courage to show the historical truth in his complexed art .

Article and critic by Jonas Stampe Curator, Art critic and Professor in Art

To discover an artist like Thomas Dellacroix is not only exiting but also surprising. Yes, it is unbelievable that this Swedish artist has not yet been more appreciated in his homeland. The Swedish black hole is frightening. When he writes about his fascination for “the gap between the fame and misfortune” I immediately think about his own artistry as well as many other artists that did not get discovered during there lifetime. To pass by an artist like Dellacroix is difficult. It’s completely clear that he is one of the most interesting Swedish artists we have today and will probably become one of the most recognized Swedes on the international art scene soon. Not only because his works touch us, are expressive or because hes work talks about our time and future, but mostly because it reflects the courage that carries art and life forward. The Courage to express the frustration of the little man tossed around on the arena of indifference.